Balance Training Pack


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Balance Training Pack – Includes size matched Double Ended Lead & Colour matched to Harness.

Below info: How to measure your dog & How to use the Balance Harness

Balance Harness – for training Walking Control with pulling dogs.

The Black Dog Balance Harness helps stop your dog pulling on lead – it helps you train your dog to balance correctly on all four feet and not rely on the lead – They learn to walk comfortably without the need to pull.

  • Gently Stops Dogs Pulling and allows Effective Training
  • Control from the Front and the Back, using a Double Ended Lead
  • or Just Connect at the Front, with a normal lead.
  • Easy to Fit and adjust – comfortable and strong.
  • Restores Balance and allows Effective Lead Training.

A great Walking Harness and an effective training alternative for dogs with neck issues, or if a head halter is not appropriate.

The Balance Harness is a training tool and should be used as part of a training program to reduce your dog’s tendency to pull on lead.

If you are looking for a more general purpose Harness, then look at our Dog Harness.

  • Do not use this Balance Harness to tether your dog!
  • Do not use this Balance Harness as a restraint in a Car!
  • Do Not use this Balance Harness with a lead longer than 2 metres!
  • The Balance Harness might break if you use it with any of the above, we suggest you Check-Out the Dog Harness.