DOG grooming

Professional Dog Grooming Service in the Illawarra

We offer a dog grooming service for all breeds of dogs giving the best care and professional grooming staff to ensure your dogs experience is a caring and positive one.

Skin and coat care is a vital part of responsible dog ownership and our groomers can assist in keeping your dogs skin and coat in top condition.

Our wonderful groomers can offer any service from just a simple nail clip, to a wash and blow dry, or a full clip with ears, nails, paws and hygiene areas and even full coat strips. We can handle any breed specific clip from Poodles, Schnauzers, Terrier and everything in between and our groomers will take the time to listen to you and accommodate any requests you have whilst your dog is with us.

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Other Services

DOGgy day care

Operating in a purpose built Centre with a massive separate indoor and outdoor areas accommodating all social and friendly dogs.

DOG training

We offer fun and positive training and classes covering all ages from puppies to adult dogs with highly experienced and fully accredited trainers.